May I Suggest ….

Over the years I have run into quite a few like-minded, special needs parents whose mission and calling is similar to mine.

At first it was intimidating: meeting someone carrying this same mandate, who was more gifted, had more influence, and much more to offer the special needs parent community. But God has graciously reminded me that EACH of us has a purpose, a unique message and my job isn’t to be like others, or build the same following or trajectory. My job is to share the word of my testimony however or whenever the opportunity presents itself. To aggressively share the gospel with special needs moms, families and the world!

I prayerfully share with you these resources. They are each unique in the way they offer hope, healing and encouragement to the special needs parent community.

I will continue to update this page with links to books, blogs, websites and ministries that I have met personally. Women and men who believe as I do and who may be a great resources to you!!

mark-43913_1280 Websites:

Critically Loved:  I met TyiaLynn several years ago and love this resource she has developed for parents with a chronically or critically ill child. This site has helpful sections like “applying for medical waivers and medicaid” and “navigating health insurance”, along with bible studies and a grandparents section.

Key Ministry: A ministry that is near and dear to my heart.  I serve as a regular contributor to their blogs, as well as having been honored to speak at their annual Inclusion Fusion Live! weekend for Ministry professionals and caregivers.  Their ministry goal is promoting meaningful connections between churches and families of kids with disabilities. Check out their “For Families” section.

mark-43913_1280 Books:

“Aching Joy” by my friend Jason Hague is a fantastic read for any special needs parent.  When my copy arrived I found myself highlighting something on every page!

“Embracing this Special Life: Learning to flourish as a mother of a child with special needs”  by my friend Jenn Soehnlin is a wonderful resource for us as she takes us through not only all of the things we should be embracing, but also the things we need to release in order to live out our call as special needs moms.

Unexpected Blessings” by my friend Sandra Peoples is a wonderful resource for getting through and understanding the stages of being a special needs parent.