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RedefineSpecial_BookCover_Image_speckled deskWhat if your “bundle of joy” is wrapped in a diagnosis that seems anything but joyful? Melanie Gomez has been there herself, and in this fourteen-day devotional, she offers you a way to find peace, hope and yes, even joy, within the storm. This book is the perfect companion for any mother who has received the news that her child is different. Let Melanie’s story and encouragement bring you to a place of strength and courage to face the future, and regain joy.



“Written from a mother’s heart these devotions are filled with personal stories and Scriptures to encourage moms on a lifetime journey of parenting a child with special needs.  Learn how to lean into God and move from fear to joy.”
– Karen Roberts, D.W.S., Church Relations Manager, Joni and Friends Chicago

“I encourage you to take advantage of the wisdom Melanie offers.   She shares only what she herself has learned, often the hard way, about trusting God and about gaining eyes to see that disability, although difficult, can give a new definition to love, perfection, and yes, what exactly is a “bundle of joy.” She does so desire to reach out her hand to you and help you to stand strong in this journey of being a “special mom.”
– Bev Linder, author of A Never-Give-Up Heart and Un-Special Needs
“Melanie is gifted and creative communicator and writer.  Every mom can find hope and truth in the beauty and strength of the life stories she shares.  Melanie and Tony are raising two incredible young men and have learned to embrace every season of the journey- the good and the bad- and frame it all inside of God’s Word. You will laugh, cry, and be encouraged and empowered in your own story, wherever it takes you.”
– Pastor Chuck and Urshanna Colegrove, Free Church, Oak Park, IL

“Having Raised 4 kids of my own I am fully aware of the the need to find the right resource for those tough New Mom days!  Well, you don’t have to look any more. Melanie has written this beautiful and timely devotional just for you!!   It’s  perfect for any young mom who needs encouragement and direction. This is a must have!! “
– Pastor Mary Alessi, Metro Life Church, Miami, FL