Special Momma, the Choice Is Yours

When you receive a diagnosis for your child it is usually in the form of medical reports.  The full Doctor’s report gets sent home with you, along with plenty of supporting documentation.  In our case, the geneticist sent us home with medical journal reports that outlined all of the possible (terrible) characteristics or symptoms that would accompany our son’s genetic anomaly.  He was just an infant, but the reports painted a bleak outlook for his future.

Our choice that day, and every day since for the past sixteen years, was:  upon  which report would we base our lives.  We could treat this infant as if he were already a disabled person, who would be defined by the limits and difficulties described in the reports.  Or, we could believe the report in Psalms 127 that says children are an inheritance of the Lord.  And the report in Psalms 139 that says that He has knit us together in our mother’s womb and we are fearfully and wonderfully made – all of us.

I’m not talking about being delusional, or living in a state of denial.  We are aware of the challenges that our little guy faced, and still faces.  But we have taken our example from the book of Numbers, when Moses sent out twelve spies to report on the land the God had promised them. Ten of them came back with a really negative report about the challenges to be faced.  But two of the spies saw beyond challenges.  All twelve agreed it was a land better than any they had seen before with wonderful fruit.  But only two spies understood that all the blessings and treasures were completely worth the price of a few obstacles.  Further, they insisted, the Lord would surely help them overcome.  Unfortunately the masses went with the ten spies, fearing the battle that would be required for such a wonderful prize.

So we base our lives on God’s promises – His report.  Just as in the example of the Israelite spies, the prize has certainly been worth the battles.  Yes, battles there have been aplenty.  But the reward, the treasure, and the promised land are exactly as reported!  Our son may have similarities to the original medical reports, but if I’m being honest he is much more accurately described by those Psalms.   It’s a choice we make every day, and in the face of every set back and situation.  You are just one choice away from a really good report! Won’t that be nice for a change?



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