Speaking Engagements


Illuminate: Inclusion Fusion Live 2020
April 24 & 25, Bay Presbyterian Church, Cleveland

By far my favorite way to share the life-changing message of God’s love, joy and bright future for us who believe is by speaking.  Whether one on one over a cup of coffee or standing before an audience, God’s hope is a lot of fun to share! Over these past few years I’ve enjoyed the privilege of taking my message to ladies conferences, parent workshops, and church services.  No matter where I speak, or to whom, the personal story of my testimony is always the foundation for the message. (see the Why I’m Writing page) Balanced with plenty of humor (and plenty of Biblical truth), I have a unique “tell it like it really is” style that groups find disarming and transparent. 


Some of my favorite topics for sharing with groups are:

Bundle of Joy! I have taken five of the devotionals from my new book, and turned them into a presentation on how to overcome Fear, Anxiety, Disappointment, Hopelessness, and Sorrow.

Perspective: exchanging ours for His (this is my “life message” if there is such a thing)

Sleeping Beauty: the daughter of the King (esp. for young/single ladies or new moms)

The Secret Place: Psalms 91 (how to dwell in the secret place)
I can, of course, customize my message to fit within the broader theme of your conference or meeting.

Please contact me by email to see if I’m available. You can reach me at Redefinespecial@gmail.com.Here's me speaking at the Womanity Conference!


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