Speaking Engagements

By far my favorite way to share the life-changing message of God’s love, joy and bright future for us who believe is by speaking.  Whether one on one over a cup of coffee or standing before an audience, God’s hope is a lot of fun to share! Over these past few years I’ve enjoyed the privilege of taking my message to ladies conferences, parent workshops, and church services.  No matter where I speak, or to whom, the personal story of my testimony is always the foundation for the message. (see the Why I’m Writing page) Balanced with plenty of humor (and plenty of Biblical truth), I have a unique “tell it like it really is” style that groups find disarming and transparent. 

Here's me speaking at the Womanity Conference!

Some of my favorite topics for sharing with groups are:
Perspective: exchanging ours for His (this is my “life message” if there is such a thing)
Sleeping Beauty: the daughter of the King (esp. for young/single ladies or new moms)
The Secret Place: Psalms 91 (how to dwell in the secret place)
I can, of course, customize my message to fit within the broader theme of your conference or meeting.

Speaking Fees & Scheduling:
My initial answer is always “Yes!” because I know that God’s message of Hope if life-giving to whomever and wherever it is delivered.  Please contact me by email to see if I’m available (I probably am) and if you can afford me (ha! I’m sure you can). you can reach me at Redefinespecial@gmail.com.Sheer photo




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