Perfect Timing (it’s not a thing)

Two years ago I hit “publish” on my first blog post.  As soon as I did, something occurred which could never be un-done.  I stepped into a new landscape which I had contemplated for several years.  I had delayed that moment for so long, because I had not found the perfect timing for it….and I still haven’t.

In honor of the anniversary of making that giant leap, today’s post is about one of the great myths of our generation: Perfect Timing.  So many of my friends are currently struggling with the pull or desire to do something or change something, but the perfect timing just won’t present itself.  Anyone, in any season of life, can succumb to this vicious cycle, but the special needs mom is perhaps most prone to be defeated by the “I wish I could, but I can’t right now” thought process.

Seasons are different from timing.  The Bible contains numerous discussions of seasons, counting costs, planning and patience. Yes, it is important to know your season, but it can be dissasterous to wait for Perfect Timing. Example: my recent foray into gardening.  As soon as we relocated to Chicago, I ordered a giant bag of tulip bulbs. Let me side-note here that Tulips are my favorite flowers ever.  The idea of living in a place where they pop up like confetti was so exciting.  I really REALLY wanted to have loads of tulips covering my yard.  The bag arrived in September labeled: plant during first two weeks of October.  Undeniable “Bulb Season”.  But on October 1st, I wasn’t out planting.  Nor the 2nd, etc.  Some days my schedule was too full.  The mornings when my schedule wasn’t full, it was cold, or rainy, or windy.  Perfect timing didn’t present itself and, I am ashamed to admit, a half-bag of tulip bulbs sat on my garage shelf all winter and froze.

My tulip example seems pretty basic, but it is exactly what I see friends struggling with now in their lives.  Except, what’s going to sit on a shelf and freeze is not something as trivial as tulip bulbs.  It’s their passion and purpose. It’s that new, exciting thing that is waiting dormant nearby.

Last Fall was not the perfect time for me to be a devoted blogger.  My creative process works best in complete silence, with hours-long blocks of time for studying, meditating, writing, contemplating, etc.  That does not exist in my life now, or any time in the forsee-able future. But when you know it’s your season to do something greater – move to the next level –  and you dont, you become frustrated, heartsick and stuck. It’s time to get unstuck.

Perfect Timing does not exist.  God most often requires us to be obedient when it’s inconvenient.  I say this based on the multitude of stories in the Bible where individuals were called upon to do something big – to fulfill their destiny and purpose.  Read the stories of Moses, Joshua, or Esther in the Old Testament. What about Mary, Jesus’ mother, who was just a few months away from her marriage when she was asked to become pregnant?  Talk about bad timing! The apostles struggled with bad timing throughout their ministries. In 1 Corinthians Paul describes them as weak, despised, hungry, homeless, reviled and persecuted. Not really the best timing to launch your road ministry.

Today can I ask you….is there something that you know you should start/stop/change/do? Perhaps there is something big that God is urging you to tackle? Special moms have all kinds of “I wish I could” lists. There’s a small voice that urges us to new levels and experiences.  Maybe it’s something new with our kiddo? Perhaps it’s taking on something outside of our special mom world. Speaking up, stepping out, going farther. Today ask God to show you why you aren’t doing it.  Not the superficial excuse of “waiting for perfect timing”.  Taking that off the table opened new doors, opportunities and experiences for me that I never could’ve imagined.

My guys got me an Apple Watch for my birthday a few weeks ago. My “timing” may not be perfect, but it is now very high tech 🙂



2 thoughts on “Perfect Timing (it’s not a thing)

  1. Thank you Melanie. My 90-year-old mom suddenly needs to move to assisted living…in two weeks! Right in the middle of oodles of stuff I’d like to have time to do carefully. But what will be most important in heaven? My mom, of course. Thanks for the great reminder. People are even more important than tulips (as fabulous as tulips are!)

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