Water into Wine

Raise your hand if the picture of wine is what got your eyes to stop on this post – no, wait, don’t raise your hand! LOL  Has anyone else noticed there are more and more posts about moms and wine.  I think I see more posts with a mom and her wine, than I do with and mom and her kids.  School must be out for the summer!

Well don’t worry, this isn’t a commentary on the new trend of wine moms.  But, because wine is so “in”, it caused me to stop and listen carefully to the lyrics of a brand new song by Hillsong (Water to Wine*).  The lyrics are beautiful, and implore Jesus to “turn this water into wine” from the story of his first miracle in the Gospels (see John 2:1-11).  It’s a really cool miracle but never really struck me on the same level as healing the blind and lame, or raising the dead back to life.  But as I spent some time listening to the song, I turned my thoughts to why Jesus would turn water to wine. 

What’s the difference between water and wine?  For me, water is basic.  I drink it all day, every day.  I have it with every meal.  I’m thankful for water.  There are many families all over the world that don’t have access to clean drinking water by turning a knob inside their home, so I am truly grateful for it. But I most often take it for granted.  Wine, on the other hand, is for special occasions: Dinner at a restaurant, date night,  gathering with friends, vacation, etc.  Wine makes an ordinary occasion special.  Wine, as in the Bible at the wedding, is for marking a joyful occasion.  Wine is never free, and can be extremely expensive and rare.

So then, what does it say if I cry out for Jesus to turn my water into wine?  If I believe that he can turn actual water into wine, then he can also turn the “water” in my life (the basic day in day out) into “wine” (special).  My days are certainly watered with lots and lots of basic.  Summer or not, we run on routine and schedules around here.  But even in the mundane, my life does not have to be without wine.  I simply have to ask.  In the Bible story, his mom placed a demand on Jesus and his answer was turning over a hundred gallons of plain water into extraordinary wine.   I believe that my plain life can be wine – special, valuable, and celebratory.  If we ask, he will open our eyes to see that he can transform our ordinary and use it as something extraordinary.  He didn’t change the wedding location, circumstance, or attendees – he simply turned their water to wine.  Jesus turning my water into wine is what changes my perspective every day.  These lyrics found in the song explain that transformation:

Let Your Spirit transform my soul
Your Spirit awakens me
Your Spirit sets me free

– Water to Wine, Hillsong UNITED

*Click here to hear the song with lyrics

Special mom, take a moment to listen to the song, and stay with him and in his presence, so that even your most basic and humdrum days can transform into something more! He wants you to toast every moment with him 🙂



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