when i’m 50….

I’m thinking about my age, as you can see from today’s title.   Since it’s my birthday, my actual, chronological age cannot be avoided or denied.  I’m 48. (This post was recently revised, on my 49th!)  But I must admit that most of the time I live my life feeling like I’m somewhere in my late 30’s (anyone else?)  I honestly forget that I’m “pushing” the big Five-Oh! Over the past few months, however, the impending half-century mark has been on my mind. A lot.

My contemplation of 50 isn’t what you think: I’m not dreading it, fretting over it, or sad.  Truly, I really don’t care what my age it, that’s never been an issue for me.  But I do care about the statistical reality of what happens at 50.  To make a long story short, I have to choose what 50 will be: The end of the good years, or the beginning of the really good years.  I’ve had friends go both ways, and I know that it isn’t luck or good genes, for the ones whose trajectory goes up after 50.  It’s work.  It’s WAR!

That’s a decision every woman makes at 50, whether intentionally or not. But my reasoning might be different than most.  Here’s the truth: the goals I have for 50 are completely motivated by being a special needs mom.

My first goal is fitness: I will be the most fit & healthy of my life when I turn 50.  You wanna know why? I mean, besides the obvious? Because I am now, at 49, the mom of an adult-sized male who needs his momma.  Dressing, bathing, toileting, etc. a 6-foot-tall young man who is NOT finished growing is not for the weak, fragile or degenerating old lady!! My life requires the stamina and fitness of a toddler mom (whose toddler weighs 100+ pounds).

My second goal is world missions: I will make an impact on world missions by taking my first overseas trip to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Why? Because I am a special needs momma in the greatest country on earth for us, and  I am so blessed and  empowered by God’s transformational Love and Grace, that I can’t keep it to myself.  I know I blog about it, and share about it whenever I can here at home, but for the past few years He has been showing me those special mommas in other countries and their children who do NOT have all the advantages that we do.  I can be the salt and the light in their lives, like no other can be, and I believe the time has come for me to take that healing all over the world.

So now you know the secret behind my efforts.  And I thank you in advance for your prayers and encouragement as I train and work towards my goals.  And I love you for holding me accountable!! And if you wanna join me, let’s do this together!! Comment here or on Redefine Special’s Facebook Page with your goals and plans for growing better and stronger, whatever that looks like in your world 🙂


Photo of my very first birthday as a special momma…..although I had no idea at the time! Nick was 6 days old when I turned 32. Ben was almost 3 years old, and already the best big brother!



One thought on “when i’m 50….

  1. You so inspire me! I feel the same way… My brain hasn’t quite aged like my body. Wonder why God created us that way? Probably so we don’t stop living before its time.

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