I am so excited to share with you about my upcoming trip to Haiti!!! I will be visiting a very special ministry, called Footprints of The Son.  Footprints is a school and outreach for children with special needs.  The Ministry goes far beyond education, and encompasses the health and well-being of the student, plus care for the family members who have chosen the difficult path of raising a child with special needs in an impoverished and challenging environment.  The idea of a mom, grandma, aunt or sibling caring for a disabled child in such a difficult place has changed me forever.  As I ponder my own struggles to raise an exceptional child, in this great country, with the many resources and blessings that we have at our disposal, my heart aches for those who face much more impossible odds than I can imagine.  Please read my posts Special Priviledge and  Why Me  for more about WHY this ministry is so important to me.

So I’ve decided to visit them! To take the same message of joy, peace and hope for special needs parents that I write about here, to these sweet ones in Haiti.  But in addition to the words, I want to take something tangible to the families and parents that will bless their daily life.  The request I received was for Flip Flops! Yes, the same flip flops that we wear a few times and lose at the beach, or leave laying around.  They are the shoe of choice for adults in Haiti, and a good pair is hard to come by.  So I will be taking 150 pair of new, high-quality, durable flip flops to distribute to all the caregivers of the 80+ students at Footprints of the Son!

 I would like you to send me a pair (or two) of flip flops for my trip!

  • They should be durable and new.
  • Men’s or Women’s adult sizes 7-10.
  • Recommended stores: Old Navy, Gap, Walmart & Target
  •  Drop them in a bubble padded envelope and send them through the US Mail for just a couple of bucks!
  • Mail them BY END OF AUGUST
  • Melanie Gomez, 18331 Pines Blvd, #200, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

Any questions or other information you need – please post it in the form of a comment at the bottom of this post and I will get right back to you 🙂 Thank your friends!



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