How I Fight My Battles

Have you heard this song yet??  Michael W. Smith’s war chant turned worship song is sweeping through Christian radio and church services everywhere! If you haven’t yet heard it, click here: Surrounded.

During a recent church service while singing this song, I was reminded that my special-mom journey has been heavily dependent on Worship as Warfare.  There have been, and still are, battles along the road that can’t be figured out in the natural.  Not by me and my husband as Nick’s parents, nor by the plethora of specialists we desperately consult to help provide answers.  They don’t know.  We don’t know.  But I know who knows.

All sorts of battles are waged in and around the special needs child, and by the parents and families.  Each season is a new battle. Although there is a familiar enemy, we are often in completely unfamiliar territory. I am so thankful that I learned early on that Praise is a weapon.  For all my new mommas out there, please know that there is a victory that comes even when natural circumstances don’t change and answers aren’t achieved.   We can successfully fight against the unknown, unfamiliar, unanswered situation.  The weapon we can use is called Praise.  The victory comes in the form of walls falling down, chains being broken, enemies scattering, and the vanquishing of our foe.  The result is peace.

There are so many scriptures that demonstrate Praise as a weapon. Both the old and new testaments include stories of praise being used to fight a battle.  2 Chronicles 20 tells of Jehoshaphat admonishing his people to have faith, and then dispatching men to sing praises ahead of the army.  As they began to praise, the Lord defeated their enemy.  By the time Jehoshaphat’s army arrived on the scene, all there was left to do was carry plunder back home.  In the new testament prison walls come down and chains break free at the sound of voices singing praise.

Momma, don’t ever believe the lie of the enemy that you are completely helpless.  I’ve heard that voice so many times, and it still comes to me: “there’s nothing you can do, no one can figure this out, there’s no way to help your child”.  Instead start singing.  Out loud: This is how I fight my battles, this is how I fight my battles, this is how I fight my battles, this is how I fight my battles. It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by you. Declaring those simple words begins an unseen yet real shift in everything around you.  I believe that without praise as a weapon, I would’ve lost many of the battles that I have won.

I am reminding myself of this today, and hope the reminder suits you as well.  Praise is a weapon, and we can wage an effective, successful fight simply lifting praise to our God, who fights our battles for us. Change your posture today from one of striving to simply standing in peace.


My fighting posture (also helps to have a faithful fighting friend alongside)


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