Welcome to my blog, Special. Whoever you are, and why ever you’re here, I’m glad that you found this spot.

I began writing years ago, sensing that it was important to chronicle my journey as the mom of a special needs child. That journaling, which began on a PC the size of an ATM machine, continued in spurts for many years.  Only recently did I take the giant leap of publishing my experiences, one small blog post at a time.

This blog is simply called Special, because that is where my journey took me.  Through the early highs and lows…..and lows, and lows……of the special mom experience, a great hope, joy and peace eventually broke through.  It broke out over everything in my life. I truly had an awakening to what Special is.  It’s not a burden to bear, a hardship to contend with, or even something to just accept. Special is special.

I am writing each post for that one other special mom out there, who thinks she just has to accept her struggle in life, and deal with it.  No sister!  Follow along with me and you will see, you are so exceptionally gifted in this life.  YOU are special!

If you’re not that mom should you read on? Well, apparently YES! The most unexpected part of sharing my story has been the people who are affected by it.  Men, women, moms, dads, college kids.  People from every walk of life have taken a moment to tell me they are so touched, changed, or challenged by the posts.  Because it is a true story of God’s mercy and grace, it is an encouragement to all.

Feel free to read through the archived posts, which you’ll find in the right-hand column.  If you are impacted or challenged by any of them, please leave a comment! You can read the background story of my son’s diagnosis on the page called “Why I’m writing this blog.”  You can also hit the “follow” button to be notified by email each time I post.


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